Izaite is a business association from the Basque Country (Northern Spain) whose remit is to foster sustainability and social responsibility.

It was set up in 2004 for the purpose of operating in the Basque business sector to drive not only economic growth but also the major development of advanced social and environmental policies, catering for the legitimate interests of corporate stakeholders.

The Association is made up of large industrial corporations in the Basque Country with international operations, along with SMEs, foundations and public agencies, although the main focus involves the private sector and large corporations headquartered in the Basque Country. To become a member of the Izaite Association each candidate organisation is required to present a road-map for its commitment to social responsibility, particularly as regards environmental matters.

The Association provides its member organisations with a forum for dialogue and sharing. Furthermore, priority is given each year to projects designed to facilitate the implementation of social responsibility in companies, raise awareness among senior management and promote the dissemination of best practices.





To contact Izaite, please write to: izaite@izaite.net